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Lots of FUN with Mrs. Lugo!
Please watch and read along with Mrs. Lugo while she reads "The Lion who saw himself in the water" in Spanish!

Make a Scarecrow Craft with Mrs. Lugo

Come make a pine cone Christmas Tree with me!


Caterpillar craft 



Rainbows with crafty sticks

Make a craft- A kid on a snow SkateBoard

Craft: Make a car with a Cardboard paper roll!

Make a flower craft with me!

 Join Ms. Britney!

Make a Penguin Flipbook with me!!

Blockly Coding Maze with Ms. Britney

Paper Ninja STAR!!!

Make cloud bread pizza with me

watch this "feeding an orphan calf"

Make a easy Chinese paper lantern with me

How to make Turnip fries

Look at Ms. Britney's Cattle at her house!!! Learn some cool facts

Mr. Ben's Hands On Shop!
Learning to Put on the wheels and tires of a bike!

Let me show you an easy way to peel a pomegranate!

Soap Science Experiment with Mr. Ben

Science Experiment with Mr. Ben!

Make a Candy Rainbow with Mr. Ben


Look at all the fun Miss Dani has!!

Here is the awesome cookbook made by Miss Dani's 5th grade class, check it out and make some recipes with your families. Let me know which ones you LOVE!

Miss Dani gets pie'd in the face from Ms. Britney's class who won best attendance

Come make a Autumn tree with me!

Let's learn how to play Phase 10 together! Most people do not know how to play this game and it is so fun!


Make a PIng Pong sling with Miss Dani

How to play Draw Something

crafts with fuzzy sticks

Make a jelly Donut in a mug!

Make a Hacky Sack

Miss Maria's Cool Crafts

Make a cute Thanksgiving Pumpkin turkey with me!

Im going to show you how to make this cute Scarecrow!

let me show you how to make this movable Gingerbread man craft!

Make a Valentine card with Me!

Make a Mexican Pinata with me!